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What we do

Amity Companies invests in both real estate properties and in real estate companies.

Special Situations

Many of our investments are "special situations" – complex deals in which sellers and partners appreciate our creativity, breadth of knowledge, and capital backing.

Corporate Investment

We invest in real estate related enterprises by, for instance, providing growth capital to expand businesses or capitalizing GP stakes in deals.

Direct Investment

A significant focus is the acquisition of workforce and affordable housing. The scarcity of high-quality, low-cost housing underpins a safe investment thesis.


Amity's Leadership

Our backgrounds range from boots-on-the-ground real estate development to investing in both public and private markets in all parts of a company's capital structure.


Joseph Cohen


Joe loves buildings and began his career in the gladiatorial battle that is NYC real estate development.

Any sport that involves a racket, Joe plays it: squash, tennis, badminton, you name it.

His three young children often pop in for visits to our office when we're working late. The office is a couple blocks from his house, and his kids know we stock good snacks.

For Joe's professional background, see the LinkedIn Profile link below. 

Harrison Wreschner


Harrison enjoys taking long walks and thinking of ways to invest and help partners grow.

He is not allowed to name any of Amity's LLC entities. Let's just say that's not his forte.

In his next life, Harrison hopes to be a Wyoming rancher. In the meantime, he is actively looking for a new hobby; please drop him a line with suggestions.

For Harrison's professional background, see the LinkedIn Profile link below. 


Please contact us regarding ideas, deals, partnerships, employment opportunities or to find out more about Amity Companies LLC.

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